Hardscape Landscaping

Involves the integration of non-living elements such as stone, concrete, wood, and other materials to create visually appealing and functional outdoor spaces.


The Theme of “The Orchard Bridge”. We are honored to be invited to cooperate with a Nyee Phoe Group in Singapore's gardening competition and won - A Gold, Best Construction & Best of Show reward at Singapore Orchard Road on 2022.

The Main of Hardscape Construction is the Bridge which is made by Rattan with Fiber Material.​

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Our Service

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Hardscape including Construction of Stone, Rock, Wood, Rattan Furniture, Garden Table and so on.


At Accord, our hardscape landscaping services include installation of stunning patios for outdoor entertaining, durable and stylish walkways, custom retaining walls for added functionality, and expertly crafted decks that seamlessly blend with your landscape.


We usually cooperate with Designer who are specialty on Landscaping design 

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Japanese Style Landscape

Japanese gardens often feature carefully arranged stones and pebbles, creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere. Karesansui, or dry landscape gardens, might use raked gravel or sand to represent water, with carefully placed rocks symbolizing islands or mountains.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

The one of our Expert and our product which usually sell to customer
planter pot
Planter Pot

A type of container for plants made primarily from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. This material is a composite of fine glass fibers and plastic resin, resulting in a lightweight yet durable product.

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Fiber Water Tank

commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings for purposes such as water storage, irrigation, fire protection, and wastewater treatment.

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Fiberglass Fish Tank

A type of aquarium specifically designed for keeping and displaying fish. Fiberglass with Tempered glass.

planter pot
Outdoor Fiberglass Resin Seat

A functional and visually pleasing seating element made from durable materials, strategically placed within a landscaped setting to offer individuals a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

planter pot

Known for durability, making them suitable for various events, performances, and outdoor activities. The material can withstand wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan for the mascot.

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Stepping Stone

In landscaping and garden design, stepping stones can be strategically placed to create a sense of flow and structure. They may lead to specific focal points, such as a garden bench, a water feature, or a gazebo.

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Big Concrete Pot

Concrete pots come in a wide range of designs and styles. They can have smooth or textured surfaces, and their shapes may include classic round pots, square or rectangular planters, and more contemporary or customized designs.

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Planter Pot with Seat

Gardening has gradually taken up a part of our lives and the design of planter pot with seat will be common on future.

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Water Feature

A decorative element that incorporates water in various ways to enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of a space, whether it be a garden, landscape, public area, or interior setting. Water features come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and styles, catering to diverse preferences and purposes.

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Modern Rattan Furniture

Lounge chairs Coming soon


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  • Phone: Simon         / +6019 7789036
  •               Desmond  /  +6016 2169036
  • Email: Sales@accordlandscape.com
  • Address: 23, jalan suria perdana, taman suria 86200, Simpang Renggam, Johor

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